Web Design Services

Web Hosting Nepal

Our Web Hosting Nepal services include website design and website development, since we’re dedicated to making sure the process of creating an online presence is smooth and simple for our clients.

When it comes to successful online marketing, we at Paper Frog Media are well aware that it all starts from safe web hosting and efficient website development. That’s why we put several hosting packages at our clients’ disposal, which they can customize according to their business needs, goals, and marketing budget. We provide full security scans, protected data centers, security certificates, access to analytics software, round the clock support, thorough testing, as well as tailored design options, which enable them to create just the corporate website their brand needs.

services-strategy-on-lightOur websites are not only safely hosted and protected against the most commonly encountered security threats, but they are also developed together with you, the client. We want your corporate site to reflect your core values and business targets. Need a company blog? Want a safe and efficient online store? Our team develops and designs template-based websites, which, in time, will prove exceptionally easy to use.

Domain Transfers

Are you less than satisfied with your current domain host? Then consider transferring your website to our fully reliable servers, completely free of charge. We’ll also include several analytics reports and marketing tools in our offer for new customers.

Website Building Tools

Your company website doesn’t need to follow a pre-designed template to a tee. We know that each company is unique and comes with specific needs. So, while we do offer streamlined design solutions for efficiency, we will also tailor the website’s visual identity and hone the user experience, so that the site comes out just the way you’ve been dreaming of it.

Online Store Creation

If you need a simple, easy-to-use interface that will bring your products and/or services to your customers, you can trust Paper Frog Media to deliver fully tailored online shopping solutions.

Fool-proof security

We offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their domains and our servers are scanned daily for spam, scams, and other threats. Since we also provide security certificates, we want to make sure your site is genuinely as safe and secure as those certificates say it is.